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Custom Milling

warm natural wood kid's bunk bed bedroom

Clients may choose to supply old lumber that they want to use as flooring. This usually happens when renovations or restorations leave good quality materials that can be scavenged. If this is true in your case, why not have us turn your scavenged boards and planks into high quality wide plank flooring for use in your home? Doing so will save you money, help save the environment, and you get a beautiful floor that you can be proud of.


The cost of the milling fee is determined by what you want done with the lumber, and the quality of the material provided.


We cannot, and do not guarantee the moisture content of newer materials, as they often require different drying methods than what we can do.


Your lumber will be heat treated and dried to the best of our abilities. Nonetheless, in some cases, if the lumber is too new, it may shrink after installation.


Expect anywhere between 15%-25% of your rough lumber to be lost in the milling process. 

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