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What To Do

Since we are members of the National Wood Flooring Association, we strive to live up to the standards of hardwood flooring contractors as described on their website. Nevertheless, we can only control what we do. If certain procedures are not followed, it can affect the results of our work for the worse. Accordingly, to help you get the best results, we have provided this brief page of instructions. More detailed information can be found on our FAQ page.

Bullet list

  • Maintain humidity. Keep the humidity in your project stable at a percentage that you are going to want when you are living there. This needs to begin well before the flooring arrives for its acclimatization

  • After the floor boards have acclimatized, the installation will begin. We understand that due to timing issues, sometimes other trades will want to be present during our installation stage. This needs to be kept to a minimum as we will be unable to install flooring where other people are working.

  • After the installation is done and the filler is applied, no one can walk on the floors until the project is done.

  • There must be heat on site from a proper furnace. Many builders use a temporary electric furnace or portable electric heaters. A kerosene construction heater will interfere with the drying of the glue, filler, and varnish, and is not approved for heating an unventilated enclosed space.

  • Allow the floors to dry before covering with construction paper or cardboard. Floors must be protected from damage from paint splatter, and/or any other trades that follow us.

  • To maintain your floors, do not clean them with water or any chemicals until after the varnish cures. The cure time is different from one varnish to another, and from one project to another. Please follow the maintenance methods described in the FAQ section.

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